The Taco

The taco is, by some distance, the most popular Mexican American food item. Although it is a popular food item in restaurants, and there are gourmet versions of the taco, it is still considered to be mostly street food. And one of the most iconic American street foods at that.

The History of the American Taco

The taco, even before its introduction to America, was primarily an affordable food that was either sold in the streets or as a home-cooked meal for working-class and impoverished families. Americans were first introduced to it in the early 20th century as more Mexicans emigrated to the country as laborers. Even in these earlier years, it was mostly sold on the street by vending carts. At the turn of the 21st century, the taco was mostly sold by food trucks known as taco trucks which ply the streets of most (if not all) major American cities.

What Makes the Taco Such a Good Street Food

The taco is not repurposed into street food; it was originally designed to be compact and easy to eat while on the move. Its versatility, in terms of fillings, further makes it easy to adapt to regional tastes, which is why it is so popular.