Create an All-American Diner Experience

For those who enjoy classic American food, part of the experience is the atmosphere in the diner. The fun of mixing with like-minded people, often perched on a stool at the counter, adds to the ambiance. There is no better way to enjoy burgers, shakes, and waffles. There is often great music playing in the background, and the waitresses are bound to be friendly and welcoming. However, for those who may have a disability or back pain, the stools can be uncomfortable.

Creating an American Diner at Home

If you want the atmosphere of an American diner, but with a bit more comfort, you can create your own at home. A bit of imagination and the use of Ikea Karlstad sofa covers for style will soon have you on your way. Obviously, seating is essential, and a sofa will be a better option than a stool. You may wish to update the look of your old Ikea furniture to match your diner theme, and this is easily achieved with the use of sofa covers from Bemz.

Setting the Scene

If there is a particular diner that you enjoy going to, you can copy the theme but adapt it to fit the layout of your room. As you will be using sofas rather than stools, you need a low table instead of a counter. When choosing which color to use, take a look through the Bemz website for inspiration. They have a vast range of sofa covers to choose from, in every color and style you can think of. With the affordable prices, you can purchase several covers in case of food spillage.

Don’t Forget the Food!

Once you have the layout to your liking and have arranged your sofas with their attractive new Bemz covers, you can think about the food. Perhaps you might want to have a classic American breakfast in your new diner or delicious Reuben sandwiches for lunch. And don’t forget the apple pie for dessert! You will spend many happy hours in comfort in your own diner, enjoying gorgeous American cuisine on your refurbished sofas.