Grow Your Own American Cuisine

Everybody is familiar with burger joints, taco bars, Mexican restaurants, pizzas, and hot dogs. Still, there are many more home-flavored delicacies to savor in America. After all, MacDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are now well-known all over the world but did you know that you can supplement these foods with homegrown herbs and spices? All manner of accompaniments can be grown in your own home, garden, or glasshouse. Take lettuce, cress, parsley, and oregano, for example. With help from the Getplanta app, you can start growing your own herbs, houseplants, exotic ferns, and flowers right now.

How Can Planta Help?

This app is a self-contained information system on everything you need to know about growing plants etc. What better way to accompany a traditional American pizza than with some basil or oregano? This can make all the difference to the taste of your meals. Planta provides you with:

  • Plant identification guides. Are you not sure what the plant you have is? Planta quickly identifies the species on this app.
  • A handy light meter to ensure all plants are in the best locations and growing conditions.
  • Dr. Planta to enable you to diagnose what is wrong with your plants.
  • Smart care prompts about looking after your plants, including watering, feeding, and pruning reminders.

In short, Planta contains everything you need to know about the successful cultivation of all manner of plants and herbs. When considering your next American feast, then have a think or seek advice about what herbs or spices would make your meal even tastier. Then consult the Planta app and get started; it is as easy as that! Also, at the same time, consider growing your favorite houseplants and flowers to cheer up your home and grow your own with the help of Planta. The app also features articles and handy tips about growing all manner of plants from the humble mint to the mighty yucca. With the handy light meter, you can ensure your plant is situated in the best position for optimum growing conditions. With the Planta app suitable for both android and iOS, it is a simple matter to download it to your phone from your favorite app store.


American food and culinary tastes are undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon since they embrace the cultures of many different countries and influences. From German hot dogs to spicy Mexican burritos through to Italian macaroni and pasta, American cuisine has something for everyone. A particular favorite is Cajun cooking which originated from the early French settlers in America and is synonymous with the swamps and everglades. Seafood dishes are also prevalent throughout America and can be improved considerably with your own self-created rub or sauce. However, with the help of the Planta app, there is no reason why you can’t create your very own American-styled food creations. At the same time, you can brighten up your home and garden with successfully grown blooms and plants.