3 Popular American Diets to Better Your Skin

The skin is a window to the body, reflecting the state of your health, age, and life stages. For instance, acne is prevalent in teenagers, while many pregnant women have a radiant glow. Because the skin is a multitasker with numerous functions, it is crucial to feed it with a healthy diet. A nutritional plan aimed at managing skin health includes an array of healthy foods.

Think about a broad spectrum of colors, like a rainbow on your plate. Tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy greens, and fresh herbs are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Broccoli, stews, and onions provide a quick boost of nutrients and color. Emphasizing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is a surefire way to boost your skin health. Keep your meals within the daily calorie needs and avoid cholesterol, additives, added sugar, too much salt, trans fats, and saturated fats.

Vegan Diet

If you want to go vegan to improve skin health, it’s essential to consult a qualified dietitian to help you achieve a glowing skin. Being a vegetarian entails more than just cutting red meat, seafood, and poultry. Don’t forget to incorporate supplements and Verso Skincare products loaded with vitamin A complex or Retinol. Sometimes, it’s hard to obtain vitamin A, so topical application helps you achieve your skin goals faster. Also, find out from your healthcare provider if you should supplement your vegan diet with vitamin B, iron, calcium, or vitamin D.

When going vegan to boost skin health, consider foodstuffs with a low glycemic index because they take longer to break down, thereby regulating blood sugar levels. Remember that sugar can damage the skin through glycation. This is a natural process where the sugar in the bloodstream attaches to protein to generate free radicals known as AGEs or advanced glycation end products. This means you should skip such meals as sugary snacks, white rice, pasta, and white bread.

Keto Diet

Ketogenic nutrition is known to curb skin inflammation by lowering insulin, glucagon, and related hormones that control blood glucose. Keto has almost zero carbohydrates, basically about 20 – 50g per day. It conditions the body to stop using glucose for energy and instead use up the stored fats in a process known as ketosis. By taking healthy fats and lowering sugar intake, you help your skin cells to overcome oxidative stress. Consequently, the diet lessens the impact of varicose veins, improves acne, and prevents skin cancers. To strengthen your skin barrier when going keto, say for a month, it would help if you had the Verso Nourishing Experience Kit. The formula is highly moisturizing and improves the skin barrier with extra nutrients.

Paleo Diet

Paleo is about eating what your forefathers ate or turning back to a prehistoric hunter-gatherer. This means whole, unrefined carbs, fresh veggies and fruits, and clean protein. However, be careful not to take too much meat that may negatively affect the skin. Clean eating also means eliminating artificial additives and processed foods. While on a paleo diet, use at least one skincare product with vitamin A to target the most critical needs of the skin cells. Using Verso Night Cream gives you a good texture. Plus, it is gentle to all skin types.